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Default Don't Be Too Concerned If We Don't Sign Wallace

Mike Wallace may not sign with the Steelers. I don't think we will necessarily be worse offensively if we don't sign him.

I was lookin at his receiving stats today. He only had two touchdowns in the red zone. Most of his touchdowns were of the 40+ yard variety. When we got in the red zone his speed was not much of a factor. It was our inability to score touchdowns consistently in the red zone that made the offense less than it should have been.

If we lose Wallace, we'll get a first round pick. We could use that to draft an offensive lineman. Running the ball better in the red zone is something the Steelers need to improve on. Perhaps we can address that in e draft with the Wallace pick. If not the offensive line, we can still replenish the defense. So either way I look at it I dont think it would be as bad to lose Wallace as some think.
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