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Default Re: Don't Be Too Concerned If We Don't Sign Wallace

They will not upgrade the run game. They have eluded to the fact they will mostlikely go with what they have. they will not sign an impact Olineman. Therefore the run game won't be much better or it will be managable. The steelers are not a run first team. they are a pass first team. The league evolved to a pass first league. They will not buck the trend and run and run some more.

So where do you want to upgrade? The kicker?lol

The DB's played 20 plus yards back against Wallace and his deep routes in the 2nd half, picking up on the line than double teaming him late.
Why is it that people refuse to listen when the announcers pointed this out several times during the games.

Run game is marginal at best, and with the guys we have, although I like Redman, is unproven. Dwyer, unproven. Batch what did he do last year aside from tripping trying to race Sanders to the food line and they both got hurt, lol. Again, unproven. Same Oline, if not potentially weaker as Colon will be in a diff position and Gilbert a different position.
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