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Default Re: Don't Be Too Concerned If We Don't Sign Wallace

Originally Posted by finesward View Post

We've heard this before, and I don't think there is really much validity to this at all. Look at the top receivers in the league, and then look at the #2's on those teams. Find one that has better stats or who you would think would make a better #1 receiver on this team. I'm taking Brown 10/10 times. If we won SB's with Hines and Holmes being #1's then there is no reason to think we can't with Brown. I think Brown will be as good as Holmes was as our #1. He makes all the tough catches, can make plays after the catch which safeties have to respect, and runs crisp clean routes. And if Brown starts trailing off like Wallace did then Sanders, Cotch, or whoever steps up.

Having a shot to legitimately shore up our O-line or revamp the defense at this point is a no-brainer. Ben will only have so many more years of being able to scramble around.
I'm not disputing Brown's abilities to be a #1 at all. Like I said, time will tell. I'm just saying that his life is alot easier when he has a guy like Wallace drawing Revis, Ashomugha, Woodson, or Bailey as opposed to less physical nickelbacks. And as far as the top #1 receivers and their #2's goes, I'm pretty sure the dropoff in talent is a lot more significant in those situations, than it is between Wallace and Brown.
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