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Default Re: Rams Trade number 2 pick ot the Skins

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
it's not quite as horrible as it sounds. on paper it reads like they gave up 3 1st rd picks. actually they are trading this years first, so really what they gave up is ....
2012 - 2nd
2013 - 1st
2014 - 1st

so thats 2 first and a 2nd to move up 4 spots ...
Still pretty ridiculous. I'm happy for the Rams. My father in laws a big Rams fan. They didn't need a QB anyway, so really, they are only moving behind 3 teams that might take the guy they want. They will probably lose the tackle they covet, but having a bad teams 1st Rd pick for the next 3 drafts isn't all bad. The Rams could easily have 5 top 10 picks in the next 3 drafts.
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