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Default Re: Don't Be Too Concerned If We Don't Sign Wallace

without Wallace
Ben is gonna have to be more like Tom Brady.
We wont have Mendy week one

essentially we would be equal offensive wise to the 05 Super Bowl Team
except this time we have an expierienced Ben and a subpar running game (That year we had a good running game and a 2nd year Ben)

Haley is here for a reason
so the offense is gonna change
but again Ben is Ben and will always be Ben
He is not Tom Brady
He's a Big Michael Vick who extends plays and make plays on his own

Wallace is essential to giving Ben some space
remember what happened to the Pats once Moss was gone?
They became Dink and Dunk

Antonio Brown is good but he is no Wes Welker yet.

Without Wallace or Mendy their wont be much of a running game or a deep threat passing game

team will just stack the box and tee off
7-9 anyone?
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