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Default Re: Has anyone started a Brandon Jacobs thread yet?

I live in New York, so I know a lot of Giants fans and I watch their games whenever they don't coincide with the Steelers. Jacobs has a lot of issues: he's a big mouth, first of all, something that doesn't fit in with the relatively low-key outward projections of the Steelers organization and locker room. He is an absolute moose physically, but he seems to think that he's a scat back trapped in a 6'4'', 260-lb body. That being said, I wouldn't be fundamentally opposed to him in the black and gold, but that might just be because I'm so familiar with him, and I do think that we need to add a running back. With our cap issues though, it's unlikely to happen. He seems to have a big opinion of himself, so I doubt he's going to settle for the kind of contract we're in a position to offer him.
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