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Default Re: Shut up Tony Dungy

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
Please read all the posts before commenting,,,,It's known Tony Dungy is a good man, a man of morals. That being said, he seems to involve himself in every issue that happens in the NFL.

Coaching 7 years.... 5 divison titles and 75 wins with Payton Manning and ONLY 1 SB title ...C'mon

This is a message board where we argue our points of view, thats what makes it fun. Personal attacks is very immature.

Just like a toaster toasts bread, T.D. is an analyst and commentator. He's going to analyze things, and he's going to speak on behalf of them. I know what your saying with him being involved in what seems like every situation, but it's what he's paid to do, just like any other analyst.

I'd say a Super Bowl winning coach has earned this right, regardless of how he won it, or how soon he won it. There's coaches that will NEVER win a Super Bowl, you know that, right?

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