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Default Re: Wallace or First round pick?????

Originally Posted by 60_MINUTES View Post
So you would be on the let him walk and get a draft pick side??? look I would go ahead and take him back at the 7 mil price but.. its not gonna happen.. the guy is gonna get at least 9 and prob more.
i would take Wallace over a 1st round pick. yes i would, in a second. i 1st round pick is a gamble. there are not any Andre Johnson's or Megatron's in the draft so say we pick a WR because we will need one, i doubt he will be as good as Wallace. regardless of who we pick its a gamble. wallace is a sure thing and he is still getting better.

with that said i would not pay wallace 10+ million a year. not a chance. if he wants that then i would take the 1st. there are only 3 WR's in the NFL worth 10+ million and Wallace isnt one of them

now say nobody offers wallace a contract and we dont get the 1st round pick for him then what happens next year? we lose him and gain nothing. we have to many other players to sign and will be over the cap once again so we couldnt franchise him

what i really want is to sign Wallace to a long contract for around 7 million a year. if that cant happen because he wants top 5 money then we may as well get something for him while we can
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