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Default Re: Steelers Tender Offers to Six Restricted Free Agents

Originally Posted by Steel95 View Post
Not really; they could be hoping that another team signs him away. I'm not sure if the Steelers can retract their offer before April 20th or not. I really don't see why they would tender him to a contract though. I'm sure it's no higher than a 5th or 6th round tender.
there are no 5th or 6th rd tenders.
there are 3 options
high - 2.7 million - 1st rd
mid - 1.9 mill - 2nd rd
low - 1.2 - right to match ( rd player was drafted)

johnson was undrafted so there would be no compensation with the low tender.
johnson is all but worthless as either a receiver or a blocker. if the steelers cut him, he'll be out of the NFL. just like carey davis , justin hartwig , sean mchugh, and all the other turds that they kept around.
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