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Default Re: Don't Be Too Concerned If We Don't Sign Wallace

Originally Posted by kan_t View Post
1) Letting Wallace go will give you one first round pick, not two.

2) Wallace was picked at third round, it doesn't mean that he's not a first round talent. He has shown that he is. I bet all teams who need a WR are willing to pick him in the first round if they know how well he turns out to be.

3) Our QB certainly doesn't suck at throwing those 40-yard bombs when he plays with two legs instead of one like last year second half of the season.

4) The extra first round pick is valuable. It doesn't mean that Wallace is easily replacable.

5) I'm sure the Steelers draw the line for how much they should spend on Wallace. So no worries about signing Brown if they do sign Wallace.

6) That's being said, I'm not concerned if we don't sign Wallace.
1) Sorry, letting wallace go would give us an additional 1st rounder, hence the 2 picks in rd 1. I misspoke

2) I disagree, I honestly don't think he is first round talent. Those receivers are usually the ones who have the physical tools to be dominant. Wallace is a burner who has developed into a capable route runner. It was his biggest knock coming out of college, but he still lacks the size and strength you want from a big time #1 WR. Obviously draft order is meaningless unless they are used to their strengths, which I personally don't think Ben is very good at throwing the long ball. I know he has connected plenty of times, but only because wallace has adjusted or come back for the ball. The only clean long pass play that comes to mind between the two was against arizona, that 95 yard bomb. That was pretty.

3) See #2. He is very hit or miss, healthy or not. Other teams have little to no deep threats and have no problem scoring.

4.) For what speed he brings, of course not. But we could easily bring in another athletic TE and adjust to a different style of attacking and get the job done. As they say there is more than one way to skin a cat.

5.) If they value Wallace over Brown I can't really blame them. I just really like the attitude of Brown and the kind of player he is. Hate to see him leave is all.

6.) Me neither. I'd be stoked to get an extra 1st rounder, especially if it's up near the middle of the round.
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