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Default Re: Ryan Clark doesn't think that Mike Wallace will stay

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
With all those WRs out there in free agency. GMs will use common sense and save their #1 pick and get somebody else. The 2nd half of Wallace's season will scare them off. San Francisco signs Randy Moss instead of giving up a #1 for Wallace. The Patriots will probably sign Brandon Lloyd. The Bengals will be the bungles anyway and never think to do it. The Ravens can't afford to do it. So that leaves one crazy team out there, Chicago. They just could be desperate enough to do it and give us #19.
The cap punishment to the Redskins also helps the Steelers a lot. The Steelers not only get $1.6m additional cap space. That punishment also limits the Redskins to go after V.Jackson. Now Jackson is available again which will hurt Wallace's market.
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