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Default Re: Morris Claiborne to the Steelers?

I never thought Id say this so soon, considering where we were last year at CB IMO

but I have to give the Steelers FO credit for sticking to their guns and getting/building a good unit last year

-Gay improved immensely and was allowed to thrive as a Nickle CB...he only ran into trouble when the coaches lined him up against burners

-Lewis, Brown, and Allen's youth and fresh legs finally let us man up an jam those Patriot Sons a B***es

-And Ike had one of his top seasons....though his Denver debacle overshadows it, but the massive injuries during that game obviously messed with every bodies heads/Chemistry...I think he'll be more deterimed then ever to whoop some ass this year

They made great strides despite our pass rush being extremely pedestrian(FFFing Injuries again) by Steeler standards

DT, ILB, OL should be our focus....and hopefully we keep wallace and don't have to worry about WR

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