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Default Re: Ryan Clark doesn't think that Mike Wallace will stay

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
Well Chicago isn't desperate enough or crazy enough to give us their #1 pick. Why would they be when a team offers Brandon Marshall for two 3s.
I couldn't agree more. Though Colston signed a big contract, the Brandon Marshall move set this play in our favor. I am curious to see what Marshall's contract will look like. But either way you look at it, the value (and price) of a first rounder helps as it's much lower than years past. Take a top young prospect for peanuts or mortgage your future on a proven guy,, Remember that both players still have to learn a new playbook and build rapport with the new QB and system.

Teams that are most likely to give up a 1st possess late picks. More common than not, those teams with picks 20 and up are usually pretty smart organizations (as their previous seasons records show). There are so many talented receivers out today. You will hardly ever see an elite receiver move in FA. You may find one or two chase money and end up in Tampa or Oakland. I hope Mike Wallace isn't that kind of dude. Then again, I don't know if I could turn down the pay day myself.. isn't like Wallace is rolling in dough though. Didn't he just wrap up his rookie contract? a what, 3rd rd contract at that? GET IT DONE FO!!
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