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Default Re: Lions/Calvin Johnson help Steelers

Wallace is no MegaTron...No way he can even expect something like that, as no one is going to pay him that much(knock on wood)lol..

First off Brown will be in the same boat next year Wallace is. Brown just like any of team will want a larger contract. However if Brown is not returning kicks, his value dimishes to a point. Brown will NOT carry a team, he is a complmentary WR. Besides that the cap goes way up in 2014, and we will have more dead weight to rid our selves with next year and the following year. If our RB's are successful, those positions won't get all that much more salarize wise and the savings is still there.

As far as if Wallace thinks he deserves more now? Go a head ask for more. lol Teams are trying to minimize head cases and hopefully his head isnt growing by the minute. If they are, he will only get the tnder, not how stupid will that be leaving 5mill on the table because you may have an ego?
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