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Default Re: A Case for Still

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
Where do you people come from? Look, I'm not even saying you're wrong (although you are, of course) but you shouldn't expect to come on a pro football site, contradict the sum total of accepted wisdom on a topic and not be called out on it.

So tell us: how is Poe more of a 3-4 end than Still?
Where do I come from? Well, I joined this board sometime around 2006 and I reside in Irwin, Pennsylvania if that helps answer that particular question.

I also come from the standpoint of just watching the only Dontari Poe - Memphis film available online several times through last night.

Poe plays with very little leverage. At his height you need to get a hell of a lot lower than I've ever seen him manage if you want to play nose effectively. The prototypical nose tackle is under 6'2; if you are not under that height, you better be exceptional at making yourself as short as possible - Poe isn't. I'm not saying he can't turn into a productive nose tackle, but it's going to take a lot of coaching. Just because he's 350+ lbs doesn't make him the uber version of Casey Hampton. Still on the other hand consistently shows he can get under the opponents pads and hold a double team. Poe is much better playing sideline to sideline and getting penetration. Those skills are nice to have in the middle of a 34 front but they are not the necessary traits needed to be that Wilfork/Hampton/Ngata type player. Poe's skills lend themselves much more to playing end in a 34.

The "total sum of accepted wisdom" as you call it is more often than not wrong when it comes to player evaluation. Particularly on message boards.

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