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Default Out of all the signing this year who threatens the Steelers?

It seems like a year of the bototm feeders moving up to mediocrity...

Chargers got whacked by losing some guys. But in the end Rivers and Turner are still there.

Bucs signed some names, but in the end the QB is the problem there.

Bills resigned a wr who chokes and just signed a guy to a 50million guarranttee deal who played 5 games last year. Low level team getting pushed up to a mediocre one.

Has anyone signed a player that moves them up to the "WOW look out for them" team?

Saints have bigger problems than signing free agents, having half the team suspended for 2-4 games should kill their season, lol.

Steelers have cut players that won't negatively effect them. All the while making more cap room to bail them out of the mess they were in.
It would not take much for them to make an impact signing to push them up and over from where they were from last year.
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