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Default Re: Out of all the signing this year who threatens the Steelers?

i don't know, but its very disturbing seeing the ridiculous amounts of money being thrown at what are even debateable all-around "superstars". It's going to do nothing but drive the price of everybody else up....way up.

The Steelers will continue to make superstars of good unknowns and plow forward, wisely spending their money, while foolish teams such as Tampa Bay, Washington, and Buffalo continue to try and "purchase" divisions and championships, and almost always failing. Thats a good thing but the bad thing is that these brainless teams are driving costs sky high.

The Saints problem now is the supposed "nice" guy and team guy Brees has become very, very greedy and wants ALL his teams money. Manning and Brady type money isn't even good enough for him at this point. Really showing his true colors and becoming quite an unlikeable guy at this point.
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