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Default Re: Casey Hampton restructures contract

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
That is because he mostly only plays on passing downs (3rd & 4th). He isn't out there on the field when we expect the other team to run the ball.

Not sure how you guys would feel comfortable leaving potentially the most crucial position on our defense to a guy who:

* is listed as 290 lbs-- that is very light for a DT in a 3-4 defense.
* has only played spot duty to relieve Big Snack

McClendon has looke descent, but do you feel comfortable leaving the NT position entirely up to him this year?

DT needs to be our #1 priority in the draft. Whomever they draft will need a year behind Big Snack and McClendon before he is ready for full time.
Thank you. I dont understand how they can sat Mclendon is as good as Hampton. Must be dreaming. Mclendon is a back up period. If we had to start him all season teams will run right thru him
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