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Default Re: Casey Hampton restructures contract

Originally Posted by Busforever View Post
Sure, but I don't think he was affraid being without team in 2012. A large body like Hampton can attract some teams in FA, even knowing he's recovering from an ACL, even if he's 35. He took the paycut because he wants to be a Steeler.

your right and everyone else is right... I think its 50 50... Hampton wants to be a steeler cause its is best option in every since of the word.. Family.. business etc... the steelers Im 100 percent sure also let him know in a nice way if he dont take the pay cut they cant keep him...

bottom line its a player that seems to have some brains... we have paid him well over the years... now he is 35.. coming off a very average year and now a ACL that lets face it will make him a back up at best this year. so he did the right thing and gave back to stay a steeler...

I will say this though... I dont think anyone would have give him a shot at nothing more then the vet min... no way in hell another team brings him in at 35 and ACL injury that wont be ready to go til prob oct if at all)
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