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Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
Adams was by no means an upgrade Colon. That's just a load of crap. "Spin it any way you want", but saying the same thing over and over again doesn't make it true. Also, Chris Scott was only cut so they could add him to the practice squad. For all you know he might be a starter this year. With Kemoeatu gone and Starks and Essex likely to not be re-signed, he stands a very strong chance of making the active roster this season. Learn your facts: some friendly advice.

If you couldnt tell Adams was better then colon had been the year before at RT then its you that must not have been watching.. Shit every place I looked people wanted adams back.. so I guess your not one of them..oh well All I can say is Adams played lights out and was prob our Best lineman that year. as far as your next statement " Chris Scott was only cut so they could add him to the practice squad " Uh Yeah.....OK ... WOW!!! I really cant think of anything to say back. What does that say about him that would be good???????

Believe it or not I do agree with you that yes players can get better.. Chris Scott may come out and look much better this year but I still say if he was the answer we are looking for then he wouldnt have been cut to begin with. You dont see guys like pouncey and Gilbert get cut.. they start and play solid as rookies..

One last thing???? learn my facts is what you said
... what the hell are you talking about??? what facts... the fact that Kemo is gone and Essex may be etc.... is that what your talking about as facts???? if so Im pretty sure most steeler fans with a brain already know those things and I understand Scott will have a shot at making the team this year...

However and here is a fact and my main difference I have with your logic...


The Steelers need to address the O line with the intention of being great up front..not average... So to me that means the Steelers shouldnt be worried about weather or not Chris Scott can make your team or not this year... The FACT that he was cut already tells me he is not what we are looking for long term.. We need draft picks like Pouncey that there is no doubt about... So draft me a stud Rt that can come right in and be solid move Willie to Guard and lets be solid...

Thats what championship teams like the Steelers do... Clubs like the Browns and Bungles dont address problems and hope guys they cut all of a sudden turn into heros of the league...

oh and before you use the only example I know of... James harrison... Yes I agree ti can happen from time to time.. so maybe we will get lucky and Chris Scott turns into the next Alan F this year... who knows but in the mean time I hope the Steelers have plans of drafting O line sometime with in our first two picks... If Not I think we will regret it big time. and please tell me what facts Im suppose to work on gettting better on... I know our team pretty good as Im sure you do.. so if you could tell me what facts Im missing it would be great.
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