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Default Re: What drugs do they serve up in Baltimore?

Originally Posted by Need4Sweed View Post
The hatred/infatuation with the Steelers here in Maryland is real. The Steelers are in the heads of the Ravens and its fans. For example, Mario Williams signs with the Bills today. Local t..v. continuously loop Williams sacking Big Ben throughout the 2 min or so segment. MW as we know has made a living of sacking QB's, so looping MW sacking Big Ben over and over again a coincidence? i think not. Local news does things like this all the time when it comes to NFL news in general; somehow they will always involve a Steelers low lite to hi lite the story...petty, but true. I wonder if this happen in Pittsburgh also when it come to the Ravens? any locals in Pittsburgh care to answer? this type of crap along with Jarrett Johnsons comments happens here all the time. And it tends to rub me the wrong way every now and then.
I love it! thats what a rivalry is all about....
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