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Originally Posted by 60_MINUTES View Post
His contact was 5 years 20 mil... basically 4 mil a me that was to much for a guy that was average guard in NFL and most teams would have cut out of camp.. Like we did this year.. Its a shame it took us a few years to see what most everyone else could tell years ago.. Kemo sucked and was a waste of time. Getting blew up in the superbowl may have cost of that game to add to insult
Kemo was actually a guy with a 2nd or 3rd round grade on him coming out of college, but had anger management issues that slid him to later in the draft. He was a guy that is a solid run blocker and moves well for a man that size, but not the greatest pass protector.

IMO, he wasnt a waste of time, but rather a guy they drafted and developed into a dominant run blocker, but was below average in pass protection. I bet he still gets a decent payday by somebody if his knees check out.
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