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Default Re: Casey Hampton restructures contract

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
what were you watching? i record every game and just watched 2 to see if you were right and were not. i made it thru 2 games before i realized there was no point. I counted more then 2 or 3 and that was before halftime plus i couldnt see him on every play. as for McClendon, how many times was he doubled? like i said, Hampton is passed his prime but anyone who feels McClendon is the next great NT for the steelers is just insane. he weighs less then our ends and is less athletic then our last 2 NT's. we need a space eater to stop the run or at least someone who can push the pocket
I think McClendon is more athletic than Hoke or Hampton, but not the prototype Zero technique. Good reserve, but not a guy you want starting 16 games at NT unless you want other teams to be able to block your ILB's consistently.
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