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Default Re: Stevenson Sylvester

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
I really wasnt impressed by Worlids. He tried to run around blocks a lot instead of taking on the blocker. I think Carter looks more explosive and will turn out to be a better OLB than Worilds.

As for Sylvester. He's a day 2 project that plays tall and might be a better OLB than ILB. I think he is purely special teams and backup in case of emergency. A cheaper Keyaron Fox.
Key was the most intense special teams player I have ever seen and I thought he would be Harrison's successor but he was ready to step up and Harrison is still on his game. Sad but true nature of this team and the NFL as a whole. Why is it that you believe he can't play? Do you get to sit and watch team practices week in and week out? He has played maybe a total of 50 downs in the NFL, and that is over the span of 2 years. He needs consistent play time to gauge his ability. Give the guy a shot and quit flagging promising players as a bust before you see what they are capable of.
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