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Default Re: Mike Tolbert expected to land with Steelers or Panthers

Why would he go to Carolina with what they have in the backfield already? I dont see that happening.

Now I like Tolbert coming to us. I think that could be a great little signing. Still need to teach our Oline how to block though. Steelers will gethim for a larger cash payout upfront, speard over 3 years. 3-4 for 7-8mill will get it done plus some bonuses.

We can afford him because its a pass first league now. RB's are bought with coupons now, plus the list of RB's is huge that are available. I actually like Smith from the Lions, although he had the injury big last year. Not sure how many times its going to have to be said but the league has evolved. Steelers FO will try to push back, they can try all they want but we are a pass ahppy team now.

tolbert is not an insurance policy for Mendy. He will probably be cut soon as the injury evolves out. As just like Hampton couldn't be cut, nor can Mendy, but the writing is on the wall for him.

Addai needs an oline, we cant pass protect let alone block for Addai, he is a candy ass and was spoiled int he hay days of the colts and manning. That dog cant hunt no more.
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