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Default Re: The Book on Mike Wallace- a true statistical analysis

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
No need to be cheeky-- I can beat anyone at that game if need be.

Stats are just numbers and should not account for 100% of your decision making.

Remember, Phillip Rivers was leading the #1 offense and the Chargers had the #1 defense last year, and how did that pan out on the field? Remember, we had the #1 pass defense this last year, by a margin, and we could not stop a rookie WR and Tim Teblow from torching our secondary three times on the same exact play.

Stats are NOT the end all of any sports discussion.

Of course Mike Wallace is going to have some of the bext yard per catch of any receiver-- he only knows how to run one route-- the 45 yard bomber. And chances are, if Ben bothers to throw it to him on the 45-yarder, it is going to be a completion and TD, otherwise ben would not have thrown it in the first place.

Stats can be misleading.....his 1000 yards all came during the first half of the season, before many teams were playing their A game and November football. he sems to disappear when the opposition steps up even the slightest or once teams start to amass some video of him.

But so far, in close playoff games when we only needed him to make a medium length catch, he ran the wrong route and landed us a game-losing interception instead.....TWICE.

Thus far, Antonio Brown is ten times the receiver that Walace is, IMHO. Much more complete player-- better attitude, better work ethic, better all-around athlete (he scored a TD on his very first touch in the NFL, mind you), better all-around receiver, and almost as fast as Wallace. Per other team members, Brown is in the film room compulsively and stays for hours after everyone else leaves to study film more. Wallace is more concerned with catchy nikcnames like "Young Money", a title I don't think he has earned yet. He has not had a game-changing catch in any playoff game we have been to yet.

Let the Patriots shed a first round pick for him-- we need an offensive line and defensive secondary more than we need killer receivers. We won a SB with the likes of Cedric Wilson and Nate Washignton at WR..... If we can protect Ben, this team is going places.

In two seasons having your unstoppable Mike Wallace at WR, we dumped a SB because he ran the wrong route and got bounced from the playoffs by arguably the worst team in the postseason. Clearly, he is not as vital to our offensive identity and gameplan as one would think. We have done miles better with the "old and done" Ward....

Not saying that Wallace "stinks" or is not a great WR in the making, but he is NOT worth breaking the bank for. If it comes down to it, we need to break the bank on a new NT more than we need a WR.
Very well said. I hope another team is stupid enough to give up a first rounder; but trust me; don't hold your breath. I loved reading all the older posts suggesting he would be gone. LOL; where did he go. He will play with the steelers this year and after 2012; who knows. Just get Brown under contract and for all you speed guys; just draft another one. They're a dime a dozen; just look you will find.
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