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Default Re: Mike Tolbert expected to land with Steelers or Panthers

First off, I don't know what more Redman has to do to show he is a quality starter. Aside from that we have Mendy, Redman, Dwyer, Clay (i think he has big potential), Baron Batch, and MM. Even if we let MM go that still leaves us with 5 RB's on a team that doesn't run that much. Im confident Redman and Clay can get it in the endzone. It's not that I am against Tolbert, and I know Mendy will miss quite a bit of the season, but if we let MM go and signed Tolbert that's 6 RB's on the roster. Can we afford that? If we can, is it worth it? IMO, if the stars align, we will get a starting quality guard in the draft, get rid of David "cant block can't catch" Johnson, train Clay to play FB, and get Tolbert, but much of that is far fetched. You can dream right lol? But in reality 6 RB's seems a bit much to me.
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