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Default Re: Aaron Smith, a class act to the end

Originally Posted by harts View Post
if he had any real class
He would repay the steelers some money from stealing 2 years worth of paychecks.

Sorry ---- him and Hines should have gotten the boot at the end of last year.

Class Act?

what else can he do?
He cant play anymore
what a moron you are. if you belive that then maybe the steelers should cut him a big check for all those years he dominated and was paid well below market value?

i would love to see you get hurt at work and your boss not pay you. see if you still feel the same way

smith was the corner stone of our defense for a long time and he gets hurt as he get older and you have morons like this that forget about all the good he did here. would you be happier with Haynsworth. smith was a team player that was never selfish and your upset that he got hurt . you must be a raven fan
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