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Default Re: The Book on Mike Wallace- a true statistical analysis

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
trust you?


plenty of people have said that no team will give up a first rounder for him, yet nobody can answer why teams have recently given up so much (and much more) for joey galloway, roy williams, deion branch, and keyshawn johnson.

wallace may not get offered the tender value (teams seem to know the steelers are intent on matching it) but it wont be because his is not AS GOOD as you suggest.

plus youre wrong on a technicality. teams can offer wallace whatever they want and he STILL wont be gone for another 7 days.
Sorry tony for my bad technicality. What i meant to say was; if he was worth giving up a first rounder plus all the cash(contract) a team will have to give up for him; do you not think a team would have put an offer sheet for him alredy??? Look buddy; i dont want to argue with you; but you suggest that teams are not offering him a contract because the steelers will match it. How are the steelers gonna match it with there cap the way it is?? Bottom line is the steelers put the 2.7 on him because it was a smart business descision and they will not fork over 8 to 9 million for this guy because he isn't worth it. And other teams are not gonna give up there first rounder to grab him. Why??? he isn't worth it. Cheers !!!!
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