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Default Re: Imagine MOCK 3.0

Personal opinion is that if Osemele is the BPA at #24, we should trade down and try to at least get a 2nd and 3rd for him. I find it hard to believe that all of the following will be gone when we pick there: Martin, DeCastro, Glenn, Adams, Konz, Hightower, Keuchly, Upshaw, Poe, Barron, Kirkpatrick, and Jenkins. Can't say that I would prefer them all, just that I feel they are all much better value than Osemele at #24.
Lamar Miller in 2? Eh, guess we could argue about how much we need another running back. IMO we don't need one that badly, but I guess thats up to the drafters.
Could deal with Robinson, Baptiste, and Childs where you have them. Not really sure what I think about Burflict at any point in the draft, but 5th would be the absolute earliest that I'd take him.
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