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Default Re: When is Ryan Clark going to shut up?

Originally Posted by steelers33 View Post
Your an idiot and not seeing my point at all. I could care less Clark said something about the Dolphins or Duke. All I am saying is that I do not like unnecessary press related to our football team. Let the Jets, Redskins, and Cowboys take care of all that but I see the Steelers being better than that. We are a model NFL franchise, and it should stay that way. With that being said the recent trend of players like Clark saying anything they want doesn't bode well for our organization. We have to change this trend for the sake of this organization. How did it look for us last year when Harrison made those comments about our football team to that magazine? Not good, unnecessary press usually doesn't go well for a football team and just causes distractions . So even with little things like this, we have to start setting a standard to just keep quiet and play football like we have done so well in the past. Maybe you just don't have the mental capacity to understand this. (Waits for you to respond with waaaahhhh)
who the **** are you? when the hell are you going to shut up? so clark cant judge other football teams? why dont you focus on your work/school/family and quit judging football players? quit wasting time on the internet (just like you demand from ryan).

im sure theres a mop you need to push, a dr. seuss book you need to read, or parents calling that you need to answer.

get over it. all this "class" shit you talk is overrated myth and hyperbole anyways. i bet youre one of the steelerfans who think the steelers are above and beyond all other teams because of "class" and all 31 teams suck like thugs.
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