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Default Re: When is Ryan Clark going to shut up?

Originally Posted by steelers33 View Post
Yes, you wouldn't see this type of stuff under Cowher. Tomlin is more of a players coach, which is fine, but maybe he needs to reinforce what it means to be a Pittsburgh Steeler. This goes past the Miami Dolphins, who cares about them, it goes to discipline and professionalism which we are supposed to be all about.

You're right. You would experience more lost home AFCCG's and favoritism toward's veterans like Bettis who shouldve left three seasons before he did.

Yeah, Bill Cowher really knew how to rein in Joey Porter. Porter never fought on the field or yapped it up about other teams to the media. Porter never tried to fight Ray lewis in the parking lot. Noooo Joey Porter was a saint compared to Ryan Clark. Cowher, the messiah of team discipline. Get that chit out of here.

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