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Default Re: When is Ryan Clark going to shut up?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
who the **** are you? when the hell are you going to shut up? so clark cant judge other football teams? why dont you focus on your work/school/family and quit judging football players? quit wasting time on the internet (just like you demand from ryan).

im sure theres a mop you need to push, a dr. seuss book you need to read, or parents calling that you need to answer.

get over it. all this "class" shit you talk is overrated myth and hyperbole anyways. i bet youre one of the steelerfans who think the steelers are above and beyond all other teams because of "class" and all 31 teams suck like thugs.
Lol, and I'm sure you can go back to your same old boring your not going anywhere life, but the Steelers are a passionate hobby of mine. I'm wasting my time on the internet because how? Its not like I was following the guy's twitter, I read this in a news story that is also in the USA today. It also looks like you spend a lot more of your time on these forums then I do, so if I'm wasting my life I don't know what you're doing man. Also I didn't know I'm the only one who perceived the Pittsburgh Steelers as a classy organization. Looks like years of media recognition, and the perception that the Steelers as one of the most outstanding classiest organizations in the NFL was all for not. Hell with your logic the Jets and Rex Ryan are just as classy as us! Also I'm a fan, so I can judge the players how I wish because thats what fans do. But Clark represents the Steelers. Your intelligence is laughable.
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