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Default Re: When is Ryan Clark going to shut up?

One thing no one has pointed out is the amount of exposure the players are getting. Compared to even half a decade ago, these guys are getting more face time then ever. The NFL is booming like never before. Twitter is still relatively NEW. So is facebook. So is the NFL Network (and they're just finally coming into their own over the last 3 seasons) So is TMZ and other venues that do nothing but troll for news that 10 years ago was dusted under the rug and no one cared. Today, everyone is all in these guys business 24/7. Cowher didn't have to deal with twitter or a lot of this mess. And as "classy" as this team is, we are also a tough team that no one wants to play. I think it fits our mold to be able to talk smack, but in a way that isn't tasteless.

One more point, there is a really good chance we will see Ryan Clark in communications in some form or fashion when his playing days are over. He spends extensive time with ESPN and the NFL Network in the offseasons on many shows, sometimes for multiple segments at a time. Whenever there is a hot button issue, the media often seeks out Ryan because he can deliver a well thought out, and well spoken responses. If anyone on this team is going to be the spokesmen to the press and to represent this team, i'd elect Ryan.. your response can't be, "no one should say anything." That's just not a reality in this day and age.
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