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Default Re: A Case for Still

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post
Yeah, I absolutely agree with all of that. This is probably a good opporunity to say I don't think McClendon gets enough credit. I definitely concur he could play end.

I agree that Poe is a workout warrior. But I don't want my team drafting workout warriors- I wan them drafting football players. I would select Chapman or Ta'amu in the first round before I'd take Poe there. He got pushed around at Memphis. 6'5 350 doesn't mean much to me if you don't have theskill to use it. There are some things that can't be coached.
I think Poe was playing a one gap position and would take time to learn the NT position. He has worked hard in the weight room to get where he is, but the question will be if he has the motor on the field to develop.

I like the size, motor and strength of Ta'amu better than Chapman. Not sure if Chapman is gonna be around with our 2nd pick though, but the knee could scare some off.
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