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Default Re: Ward Press Conference

You dont think it was a matter of free agency? Seriously?

The phone didn't ring. Logic set in, he thought "hmmmmm, do I continue to hang on, hoping someone calls me" or is the writing on the way, because no one has called."
"how can I take the high road here and save face"

Here you have it.

So as usual, the FO knows when to cut loose. Unfortunately with Smith we blew 5-10million on an extra year or 2. Hines was a little different in that we had 3 young WR's, 1 who gets injured taking a dump in Sanders and than Ward shooting for 2 records. Public opinion was there to keep Ward and hoping he woul dbe servicable on top of getting the 2 milestones.

Glad to see him take the high road, not linger around hoping, and retiring a Steeler without slapping on another uniform.
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