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Default Re: Mock draft w/ Wallace gone

The good, the bad, and the ugly:
Round 1- Mike Adams- C- - just am not really high on the guy. Very inconsistant, looks amazing one week (the Senior Bowl), barely passable the rest of the time.
My choice- Dante Hightower. He's not perfect right now, but no draftee is.

Round 2A- Osemele- A-/B+- don't know if Zietler would be available here, but should be one of the two.

Round 2B- Bentley- C - Don't know much of anything about the guy, but we drafted Allen and Brown last year, and think they are the future of our cb's. What we don't have is a future for our Safetys
My Choice- Harrison Smith, SS. Would be able to sit and learn for a year, get some playing time when either of our safetys inevitably get injured.

Round 3A- Brooks- A- - Love the guy, think that he has the size and strength and quickness to start this year.

Round 3B- Chapman- A- - love the guy, think he can be our nose tackle of the future, getting some playing time this year.

Round 4- Bradham- B - The way your draft plays out Bradham is a great pick here, but don't think he can fill in like we'll need him to this year. Hence, the Hightower pick in the first round.
My Pick- Brian Quick- WR- replaces Wallace. 6' 4", red zone threat, not blazing speed, but good hands.

Round 5- Omar Boldin- A+- I know I said we didn't need a CB, but Boldin has the potential to play at first round level. Would be a steal here because of his injury.

Honestly, If the draft played out like you have it, with the exception of Hightower for Adams, I would be pretty happy.
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