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Default Re: Steelers players: Social media

Well the question wasn't about First Amendment rights. Wait let me go and re read it......

Nope, it was how do we fell about it, not do you tihnk it violates someone first amendment rights. Besides put it in the contract, they sign it they dont tweet etc.

Ok enough about being a wise guy tonight, I hung around with the wife to much today.

Social media is probably one of the worse things out there. Here is why....
People tend to go and type what they feel right than and there without thinking at all. Lets face it, these athletes are not the brightest guy s around or they would be buiilding rockets or something. Most love to create a controversy and some I see like to take shots at Goodel to see how far they can push him and get away with it.

Personally, I do it in emails a lot when someone pisses me off, I let it rip. Of course I soon realize, that the emotion set it off without thinking it through. So I learned to do a rewrite or 2 lol.. You tweet, the damage is done, and now your backing your way out of the corner you drove into.

Goodel rightfully so, needs to unleash holy hell on the Saints. Ithink people have said enough to make the dufus understand the PATS got away with murder and he won't let it happen here. Plus this is willful attempts to injure. Say what you want, cheating vs attampts to injure? No way this is far worse.
The players involved should get exactly what the head coach is getting. BUT by doing this and leveling the Saints for a year, only gets them a top pick next year, therefore next years #1 shouldve been the penalty as they get a reward plus full strenght next year. Big quesiton, how do you pay 24 replacements under the cap structure. There is no way they can field a team if the just penalties come down.

I still stand by the fact that Brees and others knew this, and I would not be surprised thatthey did toss in some coin into the pot. His repsonse was to specific but left an opening to circle back and say he knew but he didnt know.
I wish the Steelers plyaed these guys this year and unleash Harrison on Brees. with a free pass.
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