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Default Re: Hines Ward didn't bring up Big Ben once during retirement PC

The most obvious friction between the two came after Roethlisberger's "big receiver comments" right before they drafted Sweed. So I guess that is 08? I always suspected there was tension there.
The whole "Hines couldn't do it without Ben" thing is wrong. The best qb in Superbowl XL for the Steelers was ARE. He threw the only td pass. Ben had 123 yards and 2 ints. The Steelers did win that game without Ben. Try to keep some perspective here. Is Roethlisberger vastly superior to Stewart and Maddox? Absolutely. Did Roethlisberger put his team in a position to have a chance to win Superbowls? Definitely. Was Roethlisberger a factor in winning Superbowl XL? Not a chance. Nobody remembers second place... unless it's Mike Holmgren.
Hines Ward did everything he could to make his team better and that is all you can ask of an invdividual football player. He has no control over who his qb is.
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