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Default Re: Hines Ward didn't bring up Big Ben once during retirement PC

One could say being caught while under the influence is attempted murder when behind the wheel. Also one would say, he was a dumb F for doing it. But was he convicted of it? Nope! Did he plead out than tweeted out? Yup because he is a dumb F. What was Hines thinking when he got behind the wheel? "Im hines ward I can drink and drive"? What is the difference than what Ben did or didn't do.

Was Ben convicted or PLEADEd to a lessor charge? Now that I seen. Is Ben doing Community service? Don't think so.

Was Hines drinking? Yup, eyes glossed over, probably with a big old smile, right up till the cop said walk the line bitch, I dont care who you are as I'm a ravens fan, lol

How about Hines is a drunk? If Ben is a douchebag for bopping 2 girls, than Hines is a drunk and probably drinks a drives everyday? Right? Story can go each way.

Did Ben bop 2 gals? Probably.. Proof he raped them? Zero. In fact one said he didn't rape her, and the other texted out she hoped to be making a mini burger.

Dam, social media sucks, lol.

But Bens a douchebag right? Gulty of being elevated to God stature for his success here, which went to his head and problems occurred.

Bring back Bubby, lol.. I want Maddox, Get Kordell out of the back seat... Are you kidding me?What did either of those 3 do here? Nothing. Superbowls count, and only 2 QBS have delivered, despite having good teams under the other QBs.
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