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Default Re: Hines Ward didn't bring up Big Ben once during retirement PC

Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
Sorry you would lose that bet. I for one an a temperate man and even if I did drink I would not drive, especially if I had the money Hines had to afford either a cab or limo or driver.
-----Is there any one here who could not afford a cab home? Hines made a bad choice. Hopefully he can learn from his mistake. It has nothing to do with money. I am not sure why you would bring that up. Sure, you have never made a bad choice so it is hard for you to understand Hine's error, but there are those of us who have.
-----To me drinking and driving is more about control. Ie not relying on someone else to get you home, and believing you are in control of your body and not subject to the adverse effects of alcohol. Of course you could end up taking someone's life or your own but nobody allows that possibility to enter into their mind. Being wealthy and in control of his life in a major way probably contributed to Hine's drinking and driving. Hope this helps you understand what it is about. (Also Ward had a passenger who had only had two drinks but chose not to let him drive ie. control.)
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