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Default Re: Hines Ward didn't bring up Big Ben once during retirement PC

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post

So hines got pissed becuase Ben inadvertantly and not dirextly called him short?lol Has Hines ever stood in front of a full lenght mirror and his head was cut off? lol He is shorter than a tall WR. Fact.

So now its all Hines, did someone have to pass him the ball at all during any of his games? Talk about god like stture... But I guess thats why he feels like he can drink and drive.
Would it then be ok if Hines had said he wants a different qb, maybe a pocket passer that can quickly make decisions and get the ball out on time? Or would that undermine the leadership on the team?

Ben's stats in his 3 superbowls combined- 642 yards 3 tds 5 ints.
Qbs of other teams in 3 superbowls combined- 954 yards 7 tds 2 ints.
And please keep in mind the other qbs were playing against one of the best defenses in the history of the NFL. Ben has never outperformed the other team's quarterback in the superbowl. Somehow he is credited by many people with being the sole reason for Pittsburgh's success. I will admit it is hard for me to understand. I don't put people on a pedestal.
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