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Default Re: Steelers players: Social media

I think it's OK to post about the weather or something, asking the fans if they're ready for a game, what does everybody think of a trade or something that happened....stuff like that just to have some communication with the fans and community.

Some Steeler players have over-stepped that on numerous times now by commenting their "opinions" on league rulings, teammates, opposing players, etc. None of this has done ANY GOOD whatsoever. All it will bring is additional league scrutiny and in other instances, make them look like buffoons when they lose or are wrong about something.
If i was Tomlin...i would just institute a social media rule. NO tweeting, facebooking, or whatever about teammates, league rulings, opposing players..stuff like that. If you do, you're gonna get fined.
You want to talk about other casual stuff, go ahead.
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