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Default Re: Hines Ward didn't bring up Big Ben once during retirement PC

Originally Posted by Curtain_of_Steel View Post
So it was ok Hines was drinking and driving? Because thats basically what you just said.

People are berating Ben, calling him a douchebag etc, because they "heard" he did this, "heard he treated people like that"...

Its a 2 way street isn't it? Or hines geta a free pass, because he smiles when he drops a key pass across the middle?
-----I never said it was ok for Hines Ward to drink and drive. In fact I said that drinking and driving puts the lives of the driver and the public at risk. I am trying to make the point that Hines being wealthy makes him more likely to drink and drive not less likely. Also the poster who made it seem that rich people drinking and driving is a more egregious offense than poor people drinking and driving is engaging in moral relativism. Drinking and driving is always wrong. If you can afford gas, insurance, a vehicle and its associated upkeep, not to mention nights out on the town paying for overpriced alcohol, you can afford to take a cab.
-----Oher than that I will keep my opinions about off-field behaviour to myself because they are ascerbic rather than constructive. My issue with Ben is how is on-field performance is grossly overrated.
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