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Default Re: Ike Taylor on ESPN today...

Originally Posted by CA Black & Gold View Post
Shut down corner, my butt. Shutdown corners don't give that type of effort on a play that can end your season
I don't care who the corner is, on that last play vs Denver we had 9 guys on the line or in the box daring Tebow to pass or expecting the run, we gambled with absolutely no safety help. Thomas took a hard inside release and slant, it was a 10 yard throw. I am not sure how many "shutdown" corners can cover that route, if any could, short slant..completion..TD with no help in the middle. Ike shit the bed on his tackle attempt but that play but THERE WERE NO SAFETIES, THEY WERE UP EXPECTING RUN!!
Thomas is a young, big, fast and strong receiver.
You can blame Ike all you want but that is a virtually impossible route to cover 1 on 1. and that is NOT why we lost, plenty of blame to go around in that game.
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