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Default Re: A Case for Still

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
I think Poe was playing a one gap position and would take time to learn the NT position. He has worked hard in the weight room to get where he is, but the question will be if he has the motor on the field to develop.

I like the size, motor and strength of Ta'amu better than Chapman. Not sure if Chapman is gonna be around with our 2nd pick though, but the knee could scare some off.
I think Chapman vs Ta'amu really varies depending on what you want out of the position. Ta'amu penetrates better and is much more versatile. With Chapman you're really getting a classic zero technique and nothing else past that. The reason I'd prefer Chapman is that for the Steelers scheme, I don't think Ta'amu will get much chance to use that penetration past first down. Hood, Keisel and especially Heyward should be on the line during passing downs over a nose tackle. With that being the case, I think Chapman is the better fit. He is the only defensive line prospect I saw in this years class who didn't lose ground routinely when facing a double team. The guy is a stud. He just holds his ground and you aren't going to move him - torn ACL or not. He doesn't offer anything in the way of pass rush, but neither has Casey Hampton for the last decade. I would be happy with either player but I think Chapman is still the best fit.
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