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Default So what happened to our team?

I haven't been able to pay close attention to everything that's been going on with roster changes lately but I'm having trouble keeping up. So far I understand Ward is gone, Mendenhall isnt going to be playing this year, from what it sounds like Wallace may not be a steeler this coming year, William gay is gone. Have we even filled any of these holes or are we counting on doing this in the draft? The draft should be dedicated to fixing our offensive line. I dont think it is completely necessary to keep Wallace, as good as he is we still have Antonio Brown, but if we don't keep wallace and we sure as hell better pick up a good running back somewhere because were going to have to turn back into a running team with ward and wallace gone (if wallace is in fact not going to be with us) To me it looks like we've unloaded a lot of guys and not picked anyone up, can someone fill me in on exactly what the hell is going on? thanks!
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