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Default Re: Steelers 2012 Mock Draft vers 1.0

Your first 3 rounds would be great. I mean Martin would be a steal at 24 considering he could go as high as 13. Kendricks seems to be a player that can cover the pass very well going with the trend of today's NFL. Chapman is a solid guy to build up for the NT of the future. Things could go a lot worse then that for the Steelers. So very good first 3 round mock. DB late is a good choice as well.

But, yet another mock without a Wide Receiver taken, when it is a great draft class for Wide Receivers and we are low in WR depth with only 3 signed one being Wallace a RFA and the other 2 about to be RFAs.

Colbert values TEs but they better be able to block. The whole offense if based on that. I don't see the Steelers drafting a TE who weighs 238 lbs and can not block. I don't think it would happen. They need a guy like that for red zone but why would you take him when you can get a receiver of almost the same height a little less weight but runs much faster in the 4.4 range? A 4th rounder doesn't have to be a starter though so they could take him and use him as a novelty in the red zone but I'd take a WR.

-as you can tell I am hung up on the Steelers taking a WR in this year's draft. It's become my personal crusade.

And one last thought. I do believe it is a great first 3 rounds for Guards. And this team needs one probably more then any position on this team. We would need a better guard then Nix. I don't know where you would draft him but we need one.
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