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Default Re: Tomlin may be in line for a new contract

Originally Posted by LayingTheWoodley56 View Post
Few things piss me off more than people saying Tomlin has a "deer-in-headlights" look. First of all, I think people are subconsciously swayed by the fact that his eyes themselves are HUGE, creating sort of a bewildered look sometimes. I feel the exact opposite, actually; that he's an acutely intense and focused coach whose calm, cool demeanor is mistake for emotionless. It's clear to anyone who knows the first thing about this team that he commands every player's respect and there's no doubt the players play for him. He doesn't prowl the sidelines spitting and screaming like Cowher (who I also loved), but that's not necessarily the hallmark of a good coach (see Belichick, Bill.)

As for the "he won with Cowher's team" argument, that's BS. He won with a lot of the same players Cowher failed many times to win with, as is correctly said above me. I loved Cowher as much as anyone, but the fact that he won a Super Bowl towards the very end of his tenure has somewhat made fans forget his numerous big-game failures (94, 95, 97, 01, 04...) Tomlin on the other hand is 2-0 in AFC Championships games and has as many rings as Cowher has and as I continue to type this it becomes more and more clear to me how silly this argument is.

To summarize neatly, of course extend this man and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.
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