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Default Re: Steelers 2012 Mock Draft vers 1.0

Originally Posted by devin7558 View Post
point taken sir! ^^^^theres some good points in there
i told you im just a straight up fan of kendricks. i think he has all the main tools, a good attitude and a very high ceiling potential wise. I look at him more from a standpoint of: what could LB's Coach Keith Butler and Coordinator Dick Lebeau turn him into in a season or two?? He could be scary.

(Not to mention the fact that the NT/DT's at Cal couldnt command double teams EVER and a lot of the time Kendricks was playing face up to a guard...he maybe able to just attack gaps in a Steeler 3-4)

His ability as a pure run stuffer is indeed just average. But he brings other important skills to the table to compensate. I just dont see a huge dire "need" to replace Farriors "run stuffing ability" as he only had 78 tackles last season. Most LB's anywhere could replace that production.

Maybe the "need" at ILB isnt as bad as we assume it is and waiting to select it is a better idea??
Compare the tackles of the players that played ILB in 2011, vs the Steelers ILB's from 2010. You will see less production by the ILB's in 2011........part of that could be that Hampton was not as effective in keeping linemen off the ILB's last season.

Also, take a look at Ryan Clarks tackles, I believe they were up which might indicate that our FS needed to make more tackles, because our ILB's were getting blocked and RB's were getting to the secondary.

I think the needs in the middle of the defense, specifically upgrading Hampton and Farrior , are necessary. Especially since our run defense declined last year.

Kendricks is fast, can jump high, but doesnt take a good first step to the ball and does not engage O-linemen well in run support. I like his skill set, but think he is a bit of a project that is really over rated right now.
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